DK’s Portfolio

I’m Dhayakumar also called as DK born in 3rd world and now living in Nordics.
An artist, currently doing Doctorate in drugs after passing bachelors in Bio engineering and masters in Medical Nanotechnology, and Now exploring and experiencing adventures in the flow of achieving something simple and smart ;P

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The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.

Roll on Pills

What if I can it pills tailored for me that to in home by just rolling a sheet of drug with specific turn to get me away from or any disease ?

Roll and make your drug

To investigate roll on fabrication platform for making drug formulation, to explore various parameters and characterise with various techniques to validate the proof of concept.

Created with the help from Laura Leenesonne

Pharma Printer

To make personalised drug printer to automate the pharmaceutical formulation digitally with online quality control options

´Levitate levitate levitate

Use acoustic waves to hold in mid-air samples such as nano particles, drugs, living organism or cells. This technology has been previously restricted to a couple of research labs but now you can make it at your home . My try was making nano particle levitate and make it radiate under some excitation wavelength

Modular microfluidics platform:

Proof of concept studies for solving major issues faced in microfluidics with rapid prototyping via 3D printing platform. Exploring one step synthesis of Biomaterial production using 3D printing platform for tissue engineering and Bio pharmaceutical applications. Upcoming limitations faced by current microfluidics by making in-syringe microfluidics to reduce dead volumes, Noises, Contaminants from outside environment. Scaling up microfluidics throughput by exploring new technique called circumferential microfluidic platform.

The localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) property of gold nanoparticles (GNP) has been exploited in a variety of optical sensor configurations including solution-based bioassays, paper-based colorimetric detection, surface-confined nanoparticle film/array-based sensing, etc. Amongst these, gold nanostructured films are of great interest because of their high stability, good reproducibility, robustness, and cost-effectiveness. The inherent optical characteristics of GNP, are attributed to parameters like size and shape (eg, nanospheres, nanorods, nanostars), eg, LSPR spectral location sensitivity to the local environment, composition (eg, gold–silver or silica–gold nanoshells), sensing volume, mesospacing, and multiplexing. These properties allow sensor tunability, enabling enhanced sensitivity and better performance of these biosensors. Ultrasensitive biosensor designs were realized using gold nanostructured films fabricated by bottom-up as well as top-down approaches.The research is conducted to measure amount of glucose at VVR.Sai’s Lab on 2016 summer.

Handheld Mobile diagnostic kit

what if a handheld mobile device can tell you what is the amount of chemical entities present in the air, water or even food or air you breath

Biosensors, optical biosensors, optics, internet of things

Bio printers, Bio-pens, Circuits and apps (Some serious tissue engineering stuffs)

For a year I was interning in my Uni’s tissue engineering Lab where i was maintaining home built bio printer. Got several thousand euros for my idea as an innovation grant to make Bio-Pen to deliver cells with gels using temperature modulated templates. Eureka moment, Learned to make app!! made an optical sensor to show rheometrical data and control peltier with my app!!
Made an proto of Bio-Pen and tested its usability and accidentally discovered to make vascular tissue in lab.

Some pictures showing the biopen ink being modulated by temperature module, apps, sensor and my electronics…

Automated Elisa

Bionic wheel chair:

Some old electronics crap build together to make this project with 8051 which includes heartbeat sensor, ultrasonic sensor, EEG controlled arm for obstacle detection and patient object picking option and controlled by EEG and Bluetooth. back in 2013-14