I make my own recipes 🙂

Life is Organic and we do synthetic alterations to make the organic phenotype to express what we desire!!

Now the question is does the nature like it ?? Does it really solve the purpose of “SERVING HUMANS”??

I dedicate this site to show my Tech knowledge and enthusiasm. This site will also give my dreams to come true by my journey in science and technology in coming near future . I am DK and when i was writing this i am doing my PhD in Pharmaceutical sciences. I have earned my Bachelors and Masters in Bio engineering and Medical Nanotechnology (some certificates to show off that i posses knowledge in the field ;p Real credits goes to Sci-Hub, Hackaday, Instructables, wikihow and wikipedia to shape me who i’m now !! Thanks DIY communities, bloggers, you tubers and open science community…)

Trying new : Key ingredient: Think out of Box

My dream Job

I don’t feel like working unless I feel that the impact of my job makes the humans or nature a great positive significance . For recruiters and my investors!! I don’t have any ego, I stick to facts and I will manage and organise my team to success!(there will be always side hustlers who’ll get their ass burned, sorry for that in advance !! Folks at last you’ll love me for the achievement we make). (PS i’m very much interested in science, I trust numbers than words, Progress than emotion or empathy All in great figures :))I’m always on the flow !


A travelling spirit who was born and brought up by a middle income family in south of India where my parents were cultural, religious and always giving out all their resources to make me shine. From my very young age I wanted to explore arts, culture and cuisines all around the globe, Now I am on the mission to accomplish that

The Content that matters….

Infinitely curious and loves to solve problem in frugal way …In the world of social media where the folks express their creativity, emotions and grief., I’m doing my recordings as well, with out judging in a transparent way for fellow mates to learn something new and informative !!

The mantra is “learn, unlearn and re learn & Love, laugh and live”

Our Brain is a cloud storage

I love to organise, manage and lead a project. I can also help your ideas to come alive. I love Bionics, Micro fluidics and Additive manufacturing

We learn when we do things!

I’m always brave enough to suck at something new . . . to get whole new experience…