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I am a multicultural, creative and artistic person who is capable of solving complex problems in a frugal way. Team work, leadership, and motivating my fellow workers is one of my strong sides. In the future, I wish to make a bionic company to find innovative ways to make the heath care platform widely accessible.


# Bio engineer #Medical Nanotech #Product designer #Automation #Microfludics #3D printing

Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Science.  (Aug 2018 – Current)

Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland

Project : Smart Stimuli Responsive Materials Manufacturing and Manipulation

Master’s in Medical Nano Technology  Bachelor’s in Bio-Engineering

Thesis project at Åbo Akademi University, Finland  Department of Pharmaceutical Science. SASTRA University, Thanjavur, India  2013 – 2018 First class


  • Bionic Engineer
    Brinter oy, Turku, Finland
    February 2021 – current
    Making worlds super cool Bioprinter
  • Senior Researcher / CIO (Chief Innovation Officer)
    CHINFIN Innovation and Incubator oy, Turku, Finland
    August 2018 – September 2020

    I provided customers with molds or dyes to make organ-on-chips for in vitro, and lab-on-chips for nanoparticle production with different materials .
    I developed automated high throughput systems with microfluidics and various incorporated sensors, and worked with various manufacturing platforms.
    I worked on product maintenance tasks by co-operating with teams and contractors to make effective design transfer (new products and site-to-site transfers), as well as process validations, and product management,.
    I gained strategic management and leadership skills from taking responsibility and leading the team. Over the time, I gained excellent skills in design transfer and innovation management.
    Thanks to my experience in interdisciplinary research and education, I am confident in tackling the problems of customers of a broad spectrum.
  • Master’s level research student at Department of Pharmaceutical sciences, Åbo Akademi Univeristy, Turku, Finland
    Configurable microfluidics for producing large volumes of nanoparticles with precise amount of coating, and built-in quality control options in industrial set up
    Role : Independently researched and experimented with microfluidics, nano and micro materials for six months and learned their synthesis, imaging, and characterisation.
  • Summer research intern at BEES Lab, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), India
    Paper-based microfluidic platform for quantifying protein-protein interaction (PPI), Role: Explored and developed different approaches to quantify protein-protein interaction using functionalisation of various materials in the chip.
    I developed a paper microchip which was clinically tested for two and a half months.
  • Bachelor’s Thesis worker at Tissue Engineering Lab, SASTRA University, India Awarded SASTRA Innovation Fund (2017) for my innovation pitch to
    develop instrumental delivery of scaffolds in deep-seeded tissues (Bio-Pen)
    Role: Independently designed and developed a Bio-Pen to deliver cell-laden stimuli- responsive gels as a scaffold to deep-seeded tissue. The device changes the properties of materials and sense the properties of them in real-time using my Android
    Mobile Application. For six moths, I used the prototype to synthesise and analyse several different gels for tissue engineering applications.
  • Research intern at Biosensors Laboratory,
    Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, India
    Device for chemical quantification and pathogen detection Role: For two and a half months, me (device design and prototype) and Narayanan Balaji (hardware interface) designed and implemented a device which works on fibre optics-based LSPR sensors to detect the concentration of various chemical and biological analytes and validated the reading for different glucose concentration. We also developed an Android Application to view the measurements of the sensor .
  • Research intern at Tissue Engineering Lab, SASTRA Deemed University, India
    Customized a 3D printer for applications in bio printing tissues Role: I prototyped electronic circuits, programmed motors, and
    developed my own way to extrude biomaterials in the form of gels. For one year, I was working in the lab , where I learned and experimented on various bio materials.


Programming: C, C++, Arduino, Python, MATLAB Software skills: Solid works, Shaper3d, fusion 360, inventor, Image J, PyMol, Virtual instrumentation, Catia, etc., Office products: PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Teams, OneNote Adobe products: Photoshop, Illustrator, Ar designing, etc

Tissue Engineering: Fabrication of tissue scaffolds by different techniques, Electrospinning, Hydro-gel gel optimisation Nano-materials synthesis and characterisation: Synthesis and characterisation of different metallic, semiconducting nano particles, Preparation of liposomes, TEM and SEM imaging Pharmaceutical characterisation: Calorimetry (DSC), FTIR, Dissolution volumetric and 2d surface (SDI), powder analysis, Zeta potential and size analysis using zeta sizer, texture analysis, UV imaging and spectrometry, Surface angle measurement, thermal characterisation (for 3d printing) Immunological methods: Qualitative analysis of antigen -antibody reaction using human blood group system, Determination of heme-agglutination titration of IgM, Detection of IgG by precipitation ring test, Immuno-electrophoresis, ELISA Molecular biology: PCR, Primer designing, DNA and RNA isolation, Electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE
Bio-Chemistry: To quantify and qualify the concentration of Cholesterol, Amino acids, Carbohydrates, Different Chromatographic techniques for detection of the biological analyte Microbiology: To culture, stain and recognise different species of bacteria and fungus Electronics: Signals and Bio-Signals processing, Analog circuits, Biosignal Processing, Microprocessors, Biomedical Devices Equipment handling: UV-visible spectro-photometer, Centrifuge, PCR machine: DNA amplification, Micro-pipette handling, Particle _ size analyser, Electrophoresis apparatus (agarose gel and PAGE), UV transilluminator, Sonicating apparatus, Goniometer, Malvern Zeta sizer, Tensile analyser. Microscopy: Light microscope, Phase contrast microscopy, Con-focal DIY electronics and prototyping: I design and build my own 3D printers, sensors for my own applications


Playing South Indian and African  hand percussions, painting,wooden crafts, sketching, passionate  about making prototypes, travelling,  cultural exploration, trying all kinds  of local food


I know how to use google translate. I can professionally handle to write and speak English as I was having my schooling in English medium, Tamil is my native language and Sourashtra is my mother tongue.


  • Sjöholm, E.; Mathiyalagan, R.; Rajan Prakash, D.; Lindfors, L.; Wang, Q.; Wang, X.; Ojala, S.; Sandler, N. 3D-Printed Veterinary Dosage Forms—A Comparative Study of Three Semi-Solid Extrusion 3D Printers. Pharmaceutics 202012, 1239. https://doi.org/10.3390/pharmaceutics12121239


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